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The UK is a vast and ever prospering country and the number of tourist attractions is continually increasing. Whether your are visiting the Harpenden, Luton area from another UK location or are visiting from a foreign nation, check out our list of all the best places to go and things to do!

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B&B at West Lodge, Porters End

West Lodge is an authentic british Bed and Breakfast in Kimpton. With a close proximity to Luton Airport, Harpenden and Luton it is very suitable for tourists looking for a thorough british experience. 

Call: 01438 832633


Address: West Lodge, Porters End, Kimpton, Hitchin, SG4 8ER


Bar at Bar Azita, Harpenden

Bar Azita is a modern tapas bar and mediterranean grill. This makes them a top choice for the food connoisseur who would like to eat and have a drink. With a focus on a more refined atmosphere, their drinks selection has a elegant vibe with high quality wines and imported mediterranean  beers it is certainly suited to the individual looking for a quality dining experience as well as those looking for an enjoyable night.

Call: 01582 460448

Address: Bar Azita, 1A Harding Parade, Harpenden, AL5 4SW


Hotel at Luton Hoo Hotel, Harpenden

The Luton Hoo Hotel is a world class hotel and incorporates a fine eatery and venue to hire into their facilities. Having had more than 15 minutes of fame, when it hosted Winston Churchill during World War 2 as well as being the venue for Queen Elizabeth the Second and Prince Phillip during the Prince’s 60th birthday celebrations.

Call: 01582 734437

Address: Luton Hoo Hotel, Luton LU1 4LE


Pub and B&B at The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

The Old Cock Inn is on the Harpenden High Street in the hub of the village. Providing both a pub service and overnight stay facility. It is suitable for those looking to stay in the area after a night out in high quality accomodation.

Call: 01582 712649

Address: Old Cock Inn, 58 High Street, Harpenden, AL5 2SP